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    Kanıt 1.Sezon 15.Bölüm izle, Zehra Yenel was 25 years old. She earned her living as a tailor at home. She was found dead in the entrance of her apartment building. It didn't take long to realize that what seemed like an accident at first glance was murder. Investigating Zehra's death, Superintendent Orhan and his deputy Selim found themselves in an interesting puzzle. Cevher, the last medium Zehra went to, who was depressed with the sudden disappearance of her sister Ayşe two years ago and never stopped looking for her sister, told Zehra quite surprising things about Ayşe. Where did this incredible talent of Psychic Gem come from? What was the big secret from two years ago to the present day? Who was Zehra's mysterious lover whom she did not tell anyone about but wrote in her diary?

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