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    Kanıt 1.Sezon 9.Bölüm izle, Şener Kahveci. One of Turkey's leading businessmen... He was found dead together with Filipino masseuse Ruth Mirando in the salon where he went to get a massage before a very important tender. Ruth's housemate, masseuse Amelia Cruz, who worked at the same massage parlor, had disappeared. While the doubts centered on the missing Amelia, the real question was who wanted to have Şener killed... Did Şener's number one rival, Korkut Eryılmaz, commit the murder? Or is it his son, Gürkan Kahveci, who wants to replace Şener? Was Şener's wife Suzan hiding something? Did Sevim Çiçek, the owner of the massage parlor, know anything about the murders? Did Demir Karakaş, the lover of the missing Amelia, have a hand in the incident?

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