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    Çukur 1.Sezon 32.Bölüm izle, Two episodes before the big season finale everything will shake up in The Pit. The Koçovalı’s are about to lose The Pit. Having been challenged by Vartolu, İdris Koçovalı will live the shock of his life. İdris Koçovalı’s reaction to Selim’s being on Vartolu’s side will be a big question mark. In the meantime; an unexpected incident in the neighborhood will lead Yamaç and Vartolu to fight back together. Some happy news in the Koçovalı family will put a smile on everybody’s face. While Selim’s proposal to his father will shock the viewers, the Koçovalı family will be desperate about saving The Pit from Nazım, Emrah, Vartolu and Selim who have joined forces.

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