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    Çukur 2.Sezon 11.Bölüm izle, Yamaç is determined to chase Ersoy. The information he will get while cornering Ersoy will come with some secrets. And these secrets will give Yamaç a hard time. Vartolu will not give up on trying to find Saadet and he will try every way to reach the woman he loves and his unborn child. But we will wonder how long Vartolu will continue to work for the Dark Sheep behind Yamaç’s back. An emotional incident in The Pit will bring everyone together. When Yamaç is seen on the streets of The Pit, a question will come to the minds: ‘Will The Pit go back to its old days?’ Cumali’s encounter with his father İdris and his mother Sultan will bring the audience to tears. Cumali’s step will be a new hope for the Koçovalı’s.

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