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    Çukur 2.Sezon 8.Bölüm izle, Yamaç finds Ersoy’s weak spot with the help of Aliço. Together with Vartolu they will come up with new plans to destroy the Dark Sheep. The question that Selim has been wondering for years will take İdris to the past. During the confrontation between father and son İdris will make confessions about Meliha. We will curiously wait for the moment İdris and Meliha come face to face. While Celasun, Ayşe and Karaca search for Akşın; the troubles he has messed with will corner Celasun. Sena will tell Yamaç about Akşın’s situation and that Karaca asked for her help. Once again Cumali will not listen to Yamaç and will go his own way. Celasun will find himself in the middle of a game that will affect the fight between the Koçovalı’s and the Dark Sheep.

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