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    Çukur 2.Sezon 17.Bölüm izle, As Yamaç’s struggle for life continues in the hospital the dust will not settle in The Pit. Although the Dark Sheep have left the neighborhood the tension among the kids of The Pit will continue to grow. Selim will face Sena and will confront the vital truth. Sultan is next to her son the whole time he’s in the hospital. Old wounds will rise to the surface when she encounters Meliha in the hospital. As Cumali is still mad at Vartolu the struggle between them will continue to grow. Vartolu realizes the situation of the neighborhood and asks Cumali to restore the order. In the meantime, he will continue to maintain control. While Mahsun is looking for Çeto in The Pit; Cumali and Vartolu Salih’s moment of encounter with the kids of The Pit will be interrupted with gunshots. Step by step we’ll get closer to the truth about who shot Yamaç.

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