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    Çukur 1.Sezon 9.Bölüm izle, Yamaç will face the ultimate test of his life. On one side his father Idirs and on the other side the woman he loves, Sena are in danger. Yamaç's reaction towards this event will surprise everyone especially Serdar. Selim who kidnaps Sena will get cornered. Vartolu and Celasun are kept in the bingo saloon by Serdar's men and they try to escape with Celasun's dangerous plan. But Celasun's plan harms an unexpected person during the moment that we hold our breaths. In the meantime; Serdar who sees that Yamaç is a tough guy, orders his men to attack The Pit. Idris's house is one of the targets. Yamaç takes action as he realizes that Serdar won't give up. In this moment of gun shots, the viewers will curiously wait to see who's down the barrel.

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