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    Çukur 2.Sezon 15.Bölüm izle, The gunshots heard in ‘The Pit’ will be the messenger of a greater storm and will start a brand new era! The Dark Sheep will have to leave The Pit after their shocking losses. We’ll wait to see if the Koçovalı’s are taking over The Pit again? Although the Dark Sheep leave The Pit they will do whatever it takes to prevent anyone from entering the neighborhood. Yamaç will do everything he can to help his brother Vartolu when he finds out that Saadet and her baby are alive. In the meantime, the moment that Selim confronts Cumali will be full of emotions. The Koçovalı’s will enjoy the happiness of being together after a long time. When one of the main characters gets shot the balance will shift in The Pit.

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