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    Çukur 1.Sezon 6.Bölüm izle, The tensions increasingly rise in The Pit. Yamac is even more suspicious after Isa's death. Despite respecting them as uncles, Emmi and Pasa become the head suspects for Yamac after the raid on the gun shipment. There will be permanent hierarchy changes in the already boiling neighborhood The Pit. Finding herself in a very different world, Sena sees Yamaç's other side and faces the biggest shock of her life. The mutual agreement between Selim and Vartolu changes. Celasun decides to rob a gun warehouse which belongs to the Koçovali family after finding out that his siblings are hungry. This move of his will bring him face to face with Yamac. Vartolu makes a move to go up the ranks in the neighborhood and starts planning a surprise which will enrage Yamaç.

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