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    Çukur 2.Sezon 33.Bölüm izle, Yamaç will go crazy when he receives the third black envelope. Everybody in the Pit will try to find Aliço. Yücel who steadily puts his plan in motion will form an alliance with Alligator. In the meantime, a mistake that Celasun had made in the past will lead Meke and himself to confront Azer. In the episode where the two of them will be in danger, the eagerly awaited Akın Koçovalı will finally count down the days to be released from prison. Cumali will do his best to be by Damla’s side after her father’s death while Damla will have to decide between two choices. A new loss after Sena and Akşın’s death will change everything in the Pit and will totally shift the balance.

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